400ml Bubble Foaming Beer Mug

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If you are a fan of foam in your beer then this beer mug is for you. By just the push of a button, you can see the bubbles forming the foam in your beer and you can watch the bubbles going to the top in your beer. It’s a perfect item for a party. This has some health benefits also as it reduces the bloating that is caused after drinking. To know more about this read the whole description.


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Bubble Foaming Beer Mug!!

Now, foam your beer with just a press of a button with this amazing bubble foaming beer mug. A common misconception in the beer world is that minimum to a little head on your beer is the ideal pour. While this is true for a pub setting where extra head means less beer in a pint while in the homeworld this is definitely not the case.

Adding extra froth to your beer will bring out the true flavors and aerate the drink so that you can make use of 80% of the flavors triggered by the smell. In addition to this more foam means less bloating. By foaming the beer this beer mug will release more of the CO2 within the drink.

As a result, this CO2 won’t only be released when it hits your stomach acid (this is what causes such serious bloating after drinking beer and other fizzy drinks). This beer mug will not only release the CO2 and save you from bloating after drinking beer but, this mug will also add a different charm to your personality and your party.

It is made up of food grade plastic and environment-friendly acrylic. It’s a perfect item for the party as you can get the perfect amount of foam every time. And you can watch the bubbles rise to the top. It’s like a freshly brewed pint every time.

Well, if you are one of the few who enjoys a bit of foam with their brew. Then this amazing beer mug is all you need. It is made up of food grade plastic and it’s machine washable and has a maximum capacity of 400ml/13 ounces.

Note: You know what they say, good things take time. As we curate our collection from unique vendors worldwide, this item may take 2-4 weeks to arrive. We greatly appreciate your patience! 

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Awesome mug. Same as described. I love it!!!