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benefits of drinking beer

Benefits of Drinking Beer

Yes, there are benefits of drinking beer.

As you must be thinking that are there any benefits of drinking beer as drinking alcohol can cause some serious health problems. So, are there any benefits in drinking beer. Yes, there are various benefits of drinking beer that you can take advantage of if you like beer.

So, first of all, let us take these points one by one and discuss further on this topic.

1.  Beer is good for the heart:

This one comes in our list at the top in the benefits of drinking beer because the heart is something that comes in priority. And beer is good for your heart as several studies show that beer could reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases. This is mainly because beer has a thinning effect on blood and reduces the chances of forming a clot which can cause a blockage in the coronary artery. It also reduces the risk of inflammation which has the potential to cause atherosclerosis. So, cheers to everyone who drinks beers as they are less likely to get these heart diseases.

2. Want to lose weight. Drink Beer:

Yes, as bizarre as it sounds beer helps you in losing weight. A study conducted by Oregon State University found that xanthohumol, a chemical flavonoid found in beer, helps reduce weight and cholesterol levels. So, you guys got another reason to drink beer.

3. It improves your cholesterol level:

Beer helps in improving your cholesterol level as it improves the level of lipoprotein – which is also known as a good type of cholesterol and prevents plaque buildup in arteries. It has a high amount of fiber which helps to reduce the level of LDL cholesterol which is also known as the bad type of cholesterol.

4. Beer promotes better bowel movement:

Another huge benefit of drinking beer is that it promotes better bowel movement. As a regular bottle of beer contains 20 percent of the recommended regular dosage of fiber which helps in better movement of bowel function. So, you should consider drinking beer if you wanna improve your bowel movement.

5. It minimizes the risk of cancer:

If you wanna be cancer free. Then you should consider drinking beer as it contains xanthohumol, an antioxidant that is found in beer plays a major role in the prevention of cancer. It also has polyphenols which help in the prevention of cancer and treatment of cancer. So, you better start drinking beer if you wanna stay away from cancer.

6. Boost your mental health:

One of the main benefits of drinking beer happens to be that it boosts your mental health. Studies claim that beer can help protect the brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Drinking beer also increases the amount of dopamine in the brain which can make you feel calmer and relaxed.

7. It also helps in improving your eyesight:

The enzymes and antioxidants found in beer help protect the eyes by preventing mitochondrial damage. A study by the University of Western Ontario claims that a beer a day can minimize the risk of people developing a cataract. Which helps in improving your eyesight and prevents any damage that could happen to your eyesight.

8. It helps you being diabetes free:

Yes, it helps you in being diabetes free as a study conducted by Harvard found that people who increased the consumption of alcohol reduced the risk of developing type – 2 diabetes. Which can be very dangerous if you neglect. So, be prepared rather than be sorry afterward. Drink beer, be happy.

9. Beer reduces the risk of developing kidney stones:

This one is obvious and you have already heard this one from many people and doctors that if you wanna prevent or even get rid of a kidney stone you should consider drinking beer. As it contains potassium and magnesium which help prevent the development of kidney stones. And beer is 90 percent water and as you already know that water is the most powerful tool to prevent and get rid of kidney stones. And a study found that drinking a bottle of beer every day reduces the risk of kidney stones by 40 percent.

10. It helps in the development of denser and healthier bones:

It is rich in dietary silicone which contributes to a higher bone density. And it also minimizes the risk of osteoporosis. So, you should consider drinking beer if you wanna have healthier bones. And why not if it has this much of benefits then a glass of beer every day is not bad at all.

11. It is more nutritious than other alcoholic drinks:

Beer is more nutritious than other drinks as we hear a lot about the abundance of antioxidants in wine, but beer has just as many. The specific antioxidants are different because the flavonoids in barley and hops are different from those in grapes, but antioxidants are a good thing. Beer is also higher than wine in protein and vitamin B. Even better, beer contains iron, calcium, phosphates, and even fiber.

12. It increases Vitamin B levels:

Another huge benefit of drinking beer is that it contains several B vitamins. The Lancet, a medical journal suggests that beer contains vitamin B6 which prevents the risk of heart disease by keeping in check the formation of homocysteine in your body. So, another good reason to drink beer.

13. Beer helps cure insomnia:

In today’s modern world and lifestyle, insomnia is a huge problem as many of the old age and middle-aged people suffer from insomnia these days. And beer contains lactoflavin and nicotinic acid which can help promote sleep and cure insomnia. Lack of sleep these days is a huge problem in this fast-paced world and a cure to that problem sounds good.

14. It has some positive effects on skin and hair:

The vitamins present in beer are good preventive and corrective source for acne and can also add a glow to your skin. Additionally, Hops and Malt present in beer promotes the healthy growth of your hair. And you might have heard about beer shampoo, beer shampoo was invented because of this amazing benefit of beer.

15. It delays aging and promotes longevity:

Well, who doesn’t wanna prevent aging, and surprisingly beer helps in it as it increases the levels and impact of vitamin E, acting as an antioxidant which helps keep the skin healthy and slowing down the aging process. This might become the main reason for beer sales going up knowing this fact that all the ladies out there would want to stop aging. So, be prepared for a long queue for beer as you might see some beautiful ladies out there who wanna stop the aging process.

16. It flushes out toxins from the body:

Beer has diuretic properties which increase urination thus facilitating increased removal of toxins from the body. And it is very important to keep your body toxin free so, why not make it toxin free while having fun or a party. Although there is a precaution that even if beer is healthy you should take it in a controllable manner. It is still injurious health if you take it in high amount. So, be precautious when you drink beer.

These are all the benefits of drinking beer and a reason to why you should consider drinking beer rather than consuming other alcoholic drinks. It has medical, emotional and mental health benefits as we have discussed in the article.

Beer has its advantages and disadvantages. We have discussed on benefits of drinking beer but we should also discuss on side effects of drinking beer. As it is equally important to know the benefits and side effects of a thing.

So, here are the side effects of drinking beer. There are not many side effects of drinking beer but we must know them as it is equally important.

When consumed in moderation, beer can be good for health as we have discussed above in the benefits of drinking beer section already. However, excessive drinking of beer can have a negative impact on health. Drinking too much beer can adversely affect blood sugar levels. Beer works as a diuretic, so while it may be extremely refreshing to drink on a hot day, but drinking in excess can make you lose fluid both through urine and sweat in such situations.

Also, a majority of beer variants found in the market contains malted barley. Barley contains gluten, a type of protein. Some people are allergic to gluten. So you need to double check the compounds present in your beer, in that case. Beer contains some stimulants that work with gastric acid, which may lead to the onset of gastro-esophageal reflux and result in heartburn.

So, these are side effects of drinking beer. Other than this you should be good to go. However, it is advised to drink beer in moderation as excessive of anything is injurious to health. One more thing as drinking beer in a party is an art.

So why not make it like one. As we have found so many benefits of drinking beer we should also find the right way to drink beer. To help you in that We have found a cool thing that has some health benefits but can add an extra charm to your beer in a party or at home. Take a look at this cool star wars mug.

benefits of drinking beer


This mug is called star wars mug. Brew your favourite beer, into this amazing star wars mug. If you are a fan of star wars then you will surely love this white knight beer mug. It brings back the childhood memories of your first sci-fi movie memory while drinking your beer.

So, all in all, this is a handy mug that not only increases the charm to your beer and party but also gives you some serious health benefits. You can find more about this amazing beer mug at – Star wars Mug.

So, these are all the benefits of drinking beer and side effects of drinking beer. These can become your reason to drink beer and can also become your reason to not drink beer as you might have some side effects that are listed above.

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